News>Sports club „Jēkabpils Lūši” made a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University

Sports club „Jēkabpils Lūši” made a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University (5)

In order to encourage young people's interest about education, business and to make joint projects to promote youth education, sports club “Jēkabpils Lūši” on 19th August signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Turiba University.

When signing the memorandum Rector and the Chairman of the Board of Turiba University Aldis Baumanis stressed:” The young people who have proven themselves in heavy trainings and in the field, they are assertive, ambitious and enterprising- exactly the same qualities which successful entrepreneurs have. Launching cooperation with the sports club "Jēkabpils Lūši ", we open more extensive doors to education. I am sure that cooperation will promote young people's interest about the business, which in the future will result in the development of business not only in Jekabpils, but in whole Latvia. "

Maris Truselis- Chairman of the Board of the sports club “Jēkabpils Lūši” says: “Sport and business go hand in hand, but an educated athlete is like the gold. This collaboration with the Turiba University gives us the opportunity to reach unprecedented peaks, because we need smart athletes. Study programs of Turiba University is made as it can be united with a high level of youth sport. "

Within memorandum the sports club “Jēkabpils Lūši” in collaboration with Turiba University undertakes to implement a variety of activities that focus on development of  education and business. But Turiba University is committed to proactively cooperate with sports club by offering its members friendly conditions for study opportunities. Also university undertakes to inform the sports club about current events and encourage both students and faculty for active cooperation.