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StartUp Tourism Agency of Turiba University will open its doors (0)

On 24th August 2017 at 15:00 Turiba University will open a new study space - StartUp Tourism Agency, which will allow students to apply the knowledge gained during their studies in practice.

Turiba University in 2014 opened the multifunctional learning room- StartUp Hotel, which has been successfully working for these years to provide new, emerging professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry with the opportunity to practice.

Tourism and hospitality is one of the most demanded programs at Turiba University,  therefore taking into account the experience of the university and successful cooperation with industry employers Turiba on 24th August this year will open the StartUp Tourism agency - the study area.

Lecturer at Turiba University and Director of the Tourism Research Center dr. Oec Eriks Lingeberzins: "Opening of the tourism agency - the study area- is a great contribution to future tourism students. In tourism agencies, as in other tourism companies, communication with customers is very important in ensuring the quality of services. For future industry professionals this will be an ideal place to test your skills in the learning environment before facing the real challenges of working with customers. At the same time with opening such a study area Turiba clearly shows the university's strong position in tourism and hospitality education in Latvia paying attention to various industry companies."

The StartUp travel agency will be opened by Dr.oec, Director of the Tourism Research Center - Eriks Lingeberzins -led discussion about the role of travel agencies in the modern tourism industry and the importance of qualified staff in providing a quality service.