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Students' Council: Have a Nice Journey Home - Let the Colors Flow in You! (0)

The semester is coming to an end and the exams are fast approaching, that is why this is the perfect time to say goodbye to the amazing new friends we’ve made during this semester (or year) while everyone is still here.

On 21st of March we are organizing the „Have a nice journey home” event, where we will have a good time all together for one of the last times. The event will take place in the club ''Baseins'' (Raiņa Bulvāris 21) and it will start at 7 pm sharp. We advise you to be there earlier, knowing that students usually tend to be fashionably late. Since the event will be from 7 pm - 10 pm, try to be on time (at least 15 minutes earlier), because you wouldn’t want to miss anything.

The event will have lots of games and activities such as the ''Erasmus tree'', there will be prizes, a photo corner to capture all of the great memories. We will have performances by DjaDja's Recordings and many more surprises. The event will be hosted by our own Jānis Bukšs. The theme of this event is everything associated to and with colors so the slogan is "Let the colors flow in you". For all of the colorful friendships we’ve made, people we’ve met, lets come together in time and place specially dedicated to just that.

The event is supported by: Ādažu čipsi, Fazer, Red Bull, Live Riga. 

P.S. Be on time!