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Students' Council: The contest – King and Queen of Turiba! (0)

Once upon a time, in Turiba University a King and a Queen were crowned. Today this tale will become reality! You, the student of Turiba, have this opportunity to be crowned as the the King or Queen of Turiba!

During this whole month, there will be a contest, where the contestants will have to do different tasks such as – to create a dance performance, which will be shown to the public eye at the Christmas Ball as a live performance. The crowning of the King and Queen of Turiba will be during the Christmas ball, which will make the whole event even more magical. If you want to participate in the contest, then you have to fill out the application form and attend the selection of the contestants. At the selection questions will be asked, where your intelligence and even you humor will be tested, as well as you will have to prove your creativity in a task or two.

You can read the regulation of the contest here!

The selection of the contestants will take place on the 13th November at 17.00hrs at Room C216.

May your dreams come true!

Your Students’ Council