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Students of Communication Faculty celebrate Saint Nicolas day (5)

The event of Communication faculty students started with Saint Nikolas's (lecturer Nikolajs Ozolins) speech. Communication people have to celebrate this day of their patron on 6th of December.

Students participated in an improvisational entertainment show. There was a chance to play many funny games lead by Saint Nicolas. All students and professors participated in a movie, which was managed by Zigrida Ezerina and Dace Amsone. Everyone got a funny character to play. All participants were singing a Christmas song "Zvanins skan" and some students were even dancing. Later on everyone was taking pictures to remember all positive feelings and fun what they had. Every participant got gingerbread with a tea or coffee. The dean of Communication Faculty Andris Petersons thank all participants of this nice event. The gingerbread not eaten will be donated to a social house in Aizviki (outside of Liepaja) as a present from students.