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Students of Faculty of International Tourism went to Riga Old Town excursion (0)

On the 22nd of March master students of Faculty of International Tourism had an excursion to the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, where they got an extensive tour of the history of Riga. The tour was organized within the framework of the study course "Baltic Destination Studies". They got explanation about the medieval times, both World Wars and the Soviet Union. Much information was told about the various kinds of tools they used in fights in the different times and about the many objects they have found which date from those time periods.

The Museum of History of Riga and Navigation finds it very important to not only have a museum where they exhibit the history, but also make use of interaction between the history and the visitors. They find it essential that the visitors not only can experience a little interaction,

for example with screens, but also with touching and feeling the tools they used back in the time. Students got the opportunity as well to hold and try on replicas of the tools form the Middle Ages. Their guides were explaining, in a humorous way, much about the fighting techniques which they used back in the time. They even simulated a fight for students.

With this visit, students have learned more about the city and the country were they are all as international students studying in. The way museum workers presented the history, makes students remember the information better. This let them value, respect and understand Latvia more.

After this visit, students went to the Riga Tourism Information Centre, where the personal was very friendly and helpful. Here they had the chance to gather more information for their specifically assigned type of tourism evaluation in Riga to make a good destination performance analysis. All different kinds of tourism in Riga was divided among the students of the class.

The remaining time they used for making pictures and gather more information about their specific type of tourism. Therefore, many interesting analyses about tourism in Riga will be the result of this day.