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Students of Turība Take Part in the International NOCAA Hackathon (0)

Viesturs Baltuss (Baltušs) and Glebs (Gļebs) Satanevskii - the representatives of Students’ Self-Government at Turība University – have participated in the international NOCAA hackathon trying to implement new business ideas.

The representatives of Turība have successfully participated in the international study programme jointly organized by SSE Riga and foreign cooperation partners from Finland (Haaga-Helia Universitāti) and Estonia (Science Park Tehnopol and Mektory). Within the study programme there are organized several hackathons and idea camps, where the youth from Latvia, Estonia and Finland take part. During the hackathons it is possible to receive advice and assistance from international and local business experts.

Viesturs Baltuss (Baltušs), the president of Students’ Self-Government at Turība University, tells: “Irrespective of the fact that during the process the participants were supervised by mentors, we could feel significant creative freedom. The hackathon was based on the mutual communication. Within it we designed a homepage, visual identity, as well as different advertising materials for a business idea we had developed earlier at “The Business Night” organized by Business Incubator of Turība University. Other teams also implemented modern solutions by designing different products of artificial intelligence during the event. Having summarized the experience we gained during three days, we can conclude that the event was an excellent opportunity that must be used by every creative and enterprising individual. We would like to express our gratitude to Davis (Dāvis) Sunepa for encouragement!”

Within the framework of project, four organizations in three countries during the coming two years will contribute to the establishment of new companies by creating new solutions for sustainable development. The participants of the project will obtain a unique opportunity to develop their business ideas by searching for potential cooperation partners and joining forces with already operating companies that are ready to share their knowledge and experience in order to make easier the development of new business people.