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Students of Turiba University Publish a Book (1)

Students of Faculty of Communication of Turiba University within the course „Alternative Marketing Projects” under the guidance of lecturer Juris Ulmanis have created a useful e-book “29 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Business”.

6 students took part in creation of the book; they are: Marwan Mansou, Nauris Linķevičs, Rustam Kayumov, Marta Carrillo Escariz, Kristinaa Bychkovska, Misha Mozakov, the cover of the book is designed by Turiba University student Ismail Hasanzade, editor Daina Savage.

According to author of the idea Juris Ulmanis: „Students liked the idea of e-book very much, but no one of us until now has created something like this, therefore, we spent several lectures by searching and exploring information on creation of such books. There were different ideas about which we had to write; we have looked at the wide range of topics – from a cookery book until even descriptions of different countries, because each of students represents a different country. Finally, we came to the idea of social media – it is an area, which is very familiar to me, furthermore, each student uses it on a daily basis.”

„Social media is a free marketing, it is future, therefore, it seemed very important for us to explore more methods that are used, but remains unknown for a normal user,” tells J. Ulmanis.

In 29 tips summarized in the book students focus on four the most popular social networks: FacebookTwitter, Linkedin and Instagram, explaining how they can be used in development of own business. Tips found in the book can be useful for any user. It is available for very democratic price in one of the largest e-book sale sites Smashwords.

Students are very satisfied with the work, and they continue to work on the advertising, distribution of the book, also they have started to think of the next project – probably book about tourism, in which top tourism attractions and tips for travellers will be collected.

Lecturer Juris Ulmanis adds that „students have done a great and significant work – not everyone can be proud of being the author of a book. It is important and modern project, which enriches experience of students. I have a real pleasure that young people do not indend to stop by their achievement, but are planning already the next project.”

Authors of the book express their gratitude to Faculty of Communication of Turiba University for the support.