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Students were educated about ERASMUS study opportunities (0)

During Erasmus day at Octobrer 1 there was held an Erasmus seminar in the Business incubator, which is organized by the Students' Council of Turiba University every half year. Students had a chance to find out information about Erasmus studies.

The official part of event started with a lecture from Imants Bergs, who explained the current information, which is connected with Erasmus program - how students can apply, which countries they can go to.

Further there were stories of experience, told by three students, that gave students practical information what to expect studying abroad. Lita Retko told about her experience during Erasmus studies in Netherlands, Kristaps Sadovskis gave an insight in studying in Norway and how it was. Last but not least - international student Shokhsanam Rassulmetova - told her exciting story about studies in Croatia. All students had an opportunity to ask questions and get answers to questions, which were important for them. As there was part of students who could not attend the lecture, the official part was being recorded and will be available for students who are interested in Erasmus studies.

When students got their baggage of knowledge, it was time for non-formal part of event. It was held in club „Baseins”. There students discussed about pluses and minuses of Erasmus studies, there was chance to get more information about studies and social life being abroad. Students from other universities also attended this event.

ERASMUS - amazing opportunity for each student to study abroad, get to know new people and cultures and have the time of their life.