News>Summer school’s project “ City as a sustainable tourism destination” has been launched

Summer school’s project “ City as a sustainable tourism destination” has been launched (1)

On 31st of July  Turiba University launches the international summer school’s project City as a sustainable tourism destination. The theme of the summer school is Riga - its society, nature and culture, sustainable tourism and its planning. In the context of Latvia's centennial this year summer school's focus is on event tourism.

In the summer school’s project students acquire valuable knowledge and practical skills in urban development issues, image building, organizing cultural and social events and encourage them to share ideas.

Students' interest in summer school is high - this year we received 150 applications, from which ten participants were selected. The project is attended by students from Georgia, Uzbekistan, Denmark, Estonia, Mexico, Germany and Azerbaijan.

The initiators of the project are the leading lecturers of the Faculty of International Tourism. The summer school also involves industry professionals who, through lectures, discussions and study tours, provide students with knowledge in areas related to sustainable urban development.

In addition to lectures and work in auditorium, students in groups conduct research, studying and analyzing various districts of Riga, their problems and development perspectives, and also plans and develops various events.

The summer school project is being implemented with the support of the State Education Development Agency, which will be held until 11th of August.