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TEIKA high school students get an insight into Turiba’s communications’ program.

Riga, December 2nd, 2018 – On the 26th of November, 2018, Turiba University hosted an event called: Teika. The event was meant to present 10th to 12th-grade students from TEIKA secondary school with an insightful look into what it is like to study at one of Turiba’s faculties, namely, the communication faculty.  The event was held in the large conference hall at the campus itself.

The Teika event was organized and hosted by Latvian and international students from the communications’ faculty at Turiba. The content of the event consisted of three main elements: informing, connecting, and experiencing. The elements were implemented by providing information about the study program, as well as conducting several social exercises. During these activities, the different groups learned about the importance of working together as a team and about the use of verbal and non-verbal communication on a daily basis. The aim of the different activities was to develop the communication skills of these students.

Additionally, Professor and Dean of Turiba’s communication faculty, Andris Petersons, gave a presentation on how students can stand out, be brave, be multicultural and be social. This was followed by a presentation from Turiba students on a variety of topics, including tips and tricks on how to present yourself at a job interview.

After the event, there was time for a short feedback session from the Teika students, as well as an opportunity for them to ask questions. Finally, students had the chance to go on a campus tour where they were shown around Turiba University.

After all, the organizers of the event look back at a prosperous day where Teika effectively engaged with Turiba University. For more information, refer to the link below:

An impression of the Teika-event: