News>The awards ceremony of the Turiba University- Annual Award “Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence.” has taken place

The awards ceremony of the Turiba University- Annual Award “Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence.” has taken place (0)

The second awards ceremony of the Turiba University- Annual Award “Freedom. Susceptibility. Competence” took place yesterday, on 21st April. Guests, lecturers and heads of the university glorified those people who have led the university closer to its goals by their work. Among the guests was also the Minister of Education and Science of Latvian Republic- Karlis Sadurskis.

Opening the solemn event  rector and Chairman of the Board of Turiba University-Aldis Baumanis, stressed how difficult it was for commission to choose only four people who to reward from the whole large troop of graduates, because in every branch are respectable graduates of university who build up successful career and contribute to national development.

There were awarded four honorary graduates in the first part of evening:

-       HONORARY GRADUATE of Regional development - Guntis Rasims (Council member of district of Rezekne, manager of youth and cultural projects);

-       HONORARY GRADUATE of Business administration - Edgars Stelmahers (Chairman of the Board of Ltd. „New Rosme”);

-       HONORARY GRADUATE of Development of competitiveness of Latvian entrepreneurs in the UK - Marcis Liors Skadmanis (Chairman of the Board of Latvian - British Chamber of Commerce);

-       HONORARY GRADUATE of Tourism industry - Tabita Skerberga (Project manager of tourism development in municipality of Jelgava).

Graduates were not miserly with words of gratitude when receiving awards. They were thanking to heads of university, their former course mates and lecturers, also to their parents.

Honorary naming alternated with musical performances and later in the evening were given such awards as Honorary Doctor and Honorary Professor. The award of Honorary Doctor was given for the first time and it went to the president of club of Madrid and former Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

The award of Honorary Professor was given for the first time too. And it went to the professor of Turiba University- Guntis Zemitis. Giving the award, the Minister of Education and Science- Karlis Sadurskis stressed that professor Guntis Zemitis can generate interest about science and history to young people and to people from older generation. He can captivate and impress with his knowledge.

The title of honorary confirms Turiba University’s recognition to person’s merits which are for societies and university’s benefits, and it does not give any material benefits. The title of Honorary is granted for life. The title of Honorary can be withdrawed due to very serious reasons by a decision of the Constituent Assembly.