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The Discussion „Ethics in Tourism: Code and Management” will be Held (0)

On Wednesday, 30th of October at 16.00 – 18.00 in the business incubator of Turiba University the discussion „Ethics in Tourism: Code and Management” will be held. The discussion will be led by Ēriks Lingebērziņš, executive director and member of the board of „Balticvision Riga” Ltd., manager of the Tourism Research Centre of Turiba University.

Undergraduate students of Tourism Strategic Management and Tourism and Hospitality Business Management and representatives of the industry are invited to participate in the discussion!

In the last decade in the international tourism environment next to issues on the increase of the international tourism and positive future prospects more attention is paid to the international tourism sustainability. To stimulate the discussion UN World Tourism Organization has adopted a code of ethics which is created by 10 tourism economics, social, cultural and environment components. Although the principles of the code of ethics are not legally binding, their aim is to promote development of tourism industry, thus reducing the negative impacts of tourism on environment, cultural heritage and society around the world. The current trends of the international tourism environment show that for a number of globally recognizable tourism companies’ introduction and observance of these principles has become a routine.

Code of Ethics for Tourism was adopted more than ten years ago, while in Latvia in 2012 the law „On Denonciation of Statutes of World Tourism Organization” entered into force. In Latvia, as destination of rapid development, it is essential to pay attention to these principles. However, reality shows that the awareness of ethics in the Latvian tourism industry is rather weak. At the same time it is clear that by continuing further development of Latvian tourism industry, the observance of the principles included in the code of ethics will be not only a theoretical setting, but also requirement determined by consumer.

With the help of discussion we would like to update the issue on the importance of Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, adoption principles and necessity, as well as to promote the awareness of entrepreneurs, students and other tourism stakeholders of this issue. We would like to pay particular attention to entrepreneurs, directly taking into consideration importance of the entrepreneurs in the observance of these principles.

The following persons take part in the discussion: Velga Vēvere, explaining the concept of ethics and its awareness in tourism, Aigars Smiltāns and Inese Tomase, considering the importance of ethics in tourism, taking into consideration challenges of tourism business environment, Sabīne Ozoliņa and Inese Krūmiņa, representing tourism companies and its opinion on the code of ethics and its principles in tourism companies.

Also the student of International Tourism Faculty Evija Racina who will share her experience in benefits of UN PTO students’ meeting held in September in England will take part in the discussion.