News>The First Round of the Competition „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student” Has Been Completed

The First Round of the Competition „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student” Has Been Completed (0)

This May the first round of the competition of ideas of Turiba University „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student” was held during which University students submitted their ideas in order to fight for the opportunity to gain EUR 20 000. In the next round of the competition – public voting – 28 Turiba students who have successfully fulfilled requirements of the competition will compete now for broader public support.

Chairman of the Turiba University Development Council Aigars Rostovskis comments: ”We are really proud of each our brave student who is ready to compete for the opportunity to gain by far the greatest gratuity in Latvia for implementation of idea! Encouragement and support for enterprising and brave people will more and more increase self-confidence to implement their plans in life!” 

Public voting in which students’ works will be evaluated by a wider range of public will be held from June 16 till June 22 in the webpage Any interested person will get acquainted with submitted ideas in the competition and vote for your favourite one. The best 15 ideas will be determined; then they will be advanced to the final round of the competition.

It was reported previously that Turiba University in the academic year 2013/2014 organized competition of ideas „20 000 EUR for Turiba student”. In the competition any student of the academic year 2013/2014 who wish to get 20 000 EUR for implementation of its dreams, has successfully acquired particular study programme and has met requirements of education obtaining agreement.

Students were invited to submit different types of ideas and challenges – opening of family café or management of the world famous hotel chain, organizing charity campaign or traveling around the world–, an idea which can be realized with the gained start-up capital in case of success.

The gratuity will be received by one University student of the academic year 2013/2014 the presentation of whose idea will be announced as the best one. The final round of the competition will be held on July 2, 2014 in Turiba University.

For students to be inspired from the well-known professionals, to gain new knowledge and skills and better prepare for participation in the competition „20 000 EUR for Turiba student”, even up to May 2014 guest lectures of field professionals and great personalities were organized. During guest lectures students of the University got useful hints on such themes as generating creative ideas, basic principles of video making, preparing presentation, oratorical art and sales skills.

As explained by Turiba shareholder and chairman of the Development Council, University still retains position that Latvian society needs ambitious people and an environment in which anyone can get support for its ideas. „By using our resources we provide an opportunity for University students to participate in the competition with a guaranteed gratuity 20 000 euro for implementation of its idea. With this step we would like to provoke youth to be braver and to show that anyone has a real possibility to fulfil its dreams!” says A. Rostovskis.