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The Innovative Idea of Wind Turbine Wins EUR 20 000 in the Competition of Turiba Students (0)

The finale of the competition „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student” was held in Turiba University. 14 finalists who presented their ideas stood in front of the competent jury. The idea of the turbine Milda 1 by the first year student of Business Administration Ritvars Ganuļevičs was recognized as the best one.

The video record of the competition is available HERE.

The basis of the idea is a problem typical for Latvia – fish suffocation in winter when water is surfaced by layer of ice. In parallel, taking into account advantages of wind energy, Ritvars with his partner decided to combine aerator with wind turbine in one facility. It resulted in the innovative product Milda 1, which thanks to wind energy serves functions of aerator and enriches water with oxygen. The very idea originated three years ago, during this time it was changed and supplemented until the creation of prototype which shall be improved. "We began with sketches in order to create more interesting part of the generator, at the same time without losing the wind force. The next stages are to complete the prototype and make some products ready for trade," tells Ritvars. The young man plans to use the obtained funds in the competition for purchasing the necessary equipment, and he is very determined to do everything in order to make this facility available for a broader society as soon as possible. "The victory will not be possible if during achieving the goal I wouldn’t think about the process itself and what we wish to have at final stage of the goal. One should believe in the idea, because it is the only way how to persuade others of its functionality and necessity," emphasizes Ritvars.

The creative director of the National Library of Latvia Gaismas pils Gatis Mūrnieks, the chairman of the jury commission of the competition of ideas „20 000 EUR for Turiba student” states that Rihards has fascinated the jury. "The best participant was the one who could present himself/herself in different disciplines, like in the decathlon – by presenting himself/herself, by preparing video material, by demonstrating prototype of the idea, without losing composure, by smiling and answering all the questions being asked. Moreover, this idea is functional, because it solves a real problem," underlines Mūrnieks.

The member of the jury commission Māris Rēvalds, member of the board of Veselības centrs 4 approves the initiative of Turiba University to organize such a competition. "It’s a great initiative that the University in such a way stimulates development of creative thoughts of its students and opportunity to start their own business. When evaluating finalists, the focus was on the innovativeness of the idea, ability to generate unusual ideas, additionally taking into account how wide the range is – whether idea has the export potential. Good luck to winner; he is a person who has an ability to see the broad horizon."

In order to achieve the final, the young people had to successfully overcome two rounds – the previous elimination and the public voting which was held in the webpage In total, there were 5786 votes in the public voting.

The best ideas which were submitted in the competition were evaluated by the jury which consisted of nine professionals of different fields: member of the board of Swedbank Māris Mančinskis, entrepreneur and co-owner of the Cosmetology College Marika Ģederte, the editor-in-chief of the magazine „Ir Nellija Ločmele, creative director of the National Library of Latvia Gaismas pils Gatis Mūrnieks, chairman of the board of „Veselības Centrs 4” Māris Rēvalds, the sworn attorney Aldis Gobzems, investment director of „ZGI Capital” Rūdolfs Krese, manager of Aivars Mackevičs, journalist and editor of „Dienas žurnāli” Inga Gorbunova.

As previously reported, at the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014 Turiba University announced competition of ideas „20 000 EUR for Turiba Student”. All students of the academic year 2013/2014 who wished to gain 20 000 euros for fulfilment of their dreams, who have subsequently acquired the particular study programme and met the terms on education acquisition were invited to take part in the competition. The main gratuity of the competition was awarded to one student of the academic year 2013/2014 which idea was recognized as the best one.

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