News>The Nordplus Intensive Course "Organizations and Individual Security" last week started in Turiba University

The Nordplus Intensive Course "Organizations and Individual Security" last week started in Turiba University (0)

The realization time of intensive course: August 14-25, 2017.

From August 14th till August 25th the NORDPLUS intensive course about organizations  and individual security is taking place in Turiba University. Such an international course takes place in Latvia for the first time and provides students from three universities  with a unique opportunity to get acquainted and gain practical skills in various aspects of security.

This course is being implemented by Turiba University (Latvia) in cooperation with Kazimierz Simonavičius University (Lithuania) and Turku University (Finland). The course brings together 26 students from different study fields who study not only in Jurisprudence or Security related programs, but also in various leading and management programs.

Security issues are becoming more and more relevant today in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries. We are facing new challenges in terms of migration, conflicts that are rooted in cultural and religious differences, cyber attacks and other threats to our security. Therefore, it is more and more urgent for educational institutions to train capable and knowledgeable security specialists who are able to deal with these new threats and challenges.

"The society more and more understands the actuality  of the field of security, and students from various fields also want to listen to the recommendations of professionals and understand the guidelines for obtaining a safe environment. Security is one of the most important pillars in human development, because only when we understand It, we - people, we are able to develop our work, rest and, in general the living environment. Thus we protect ourselves from life-disadvantageous events, for example, by being able to project the mutability of environment around (path, buildings, people, animals, rain, frost, wind, etc.), to observe its development, to be able to analyze the information obtained and utilize previous experience of each person, we can feel safe or safer.

Human psychology is designed so that only in a safe environment can we progress individually and society as a whole " explains Vilnis Veinbergs- the Director of the program" Organization Security " of Turiba University and the initiator of the Nordplus Intensive Course.

The course provides insights into such topics  as security theory, individual and organizational security, globalization, stress management in crisis situations, team management, cyber security, data protection and other topics. Through lectures and practical classes students improve their knowledge and skills in various security related fields.

Project Academic Manager:

Director of Security Program in Turiba University

Vilnis Veinbergs


Po Dean of the Faculty of Law

Ivita Kīsnica


The project is implemented with the support of the NORDPLUS higher education program. Project Number: NPHE-2017/10232.