News>The Student of International Tourism Faculty Evija Racina Returned from UNWTO TedQual Students Advisory Board Meeting in England

The Student of International Tourism Faculty Evija Racina Returned from UNWTO TedQual Students Advisory Board Meeting in England (0)

This week International Tourism Faculty student of Turiba Evija Racina returned from UN World Tourism Organization TedQual meeting of Students Advisory Board established in the summer of 2013.

Three days, from 4 of September till 6 of September, 70 young people from all over the world gathered in the English town Bournemouth to discuss the labour market of the tourism industry and how students as the future tourism industry professionals can participate in the sustainable development of the labour market. During the meeting the Consultative Council of the Students participated in the simulated job interviews, discussed on ethical issues of tourism that should be observed by the future professionals, as well as talked over development opportunities of tourism industry.

According to E. Racina, the most pleasant surprise was that young people were given an opportunity to express their own opinion and to be really heard. Similarly, it was pleasure to meet the future professionals which were really interested in tourism development and actively participated in discussions. „During the event we found out that companies and agencies of tourism industry promote attraction of tourists in various regions, discussed how we sell ourselves correctly in a job interview and how employers evaluate personality and mental values of potential employee, as well as in the multinational work groups we developed proposals for preparing the shortened version of Code of Ethics for Tourism retaining the main guidelines.”

The student believes that she came back to home with a completely fresh look to future potential opportunities to influence tourism development. „I believe that I have gained invaluable experience and contacts that will help me not only to integrate in the labour market of the tourism industry, but also contribute in the improvement of the whole industry!” E. Racina is satisfied.

At the same time the student of International Tourism Faculty revealed that she had observed to her mind an unexpected trend – the activity of European students in comparison with Asia and America was significantly lower. Only 6 students represented European region – the future professionals had come from France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Latvia and Bulgaria.

It is already previously reported that the student of Turiba International Faculty Evija Racina had been chosen for the participation in UN World Tourism Organization TedQual Students Advisory Board. The task of E. Racina was together with other students from all over the world to express their opinion and to promote the mutual exchange of experience, thus popularizing the best practice in integrating young professionals in the labour market of tourism industry.

Students Advisory Board TedQual of UN WTO has been established with an aim to learn from the future professionals and increase the role of them in the future development of tourism.