News>The summer school "sustainable and intelligent city" has started

The summer school "sustainable and intelligent city" has started (3)

This year the summer school – “ Sustainable and intelligent city”  takes place at Turiba University from 1st August till 13th August, which is organized by faculty of International Tourism of Turiba University. The theme of the summer school is Riga- its society, nature and culture, which will provide to students the knowledge and practical skills about  urban development, building its image, tourism, and will also let them to get inspired and share their ideas.

There will be students from different countries in the summer school. Students who want to gain new knowledge about  urban development and about  tourism from the professionals. 

The main four blocks of the summer school are:

1) Riga - its urban environment (architecture, infrastructure),

2) Latvian cultural history that determines the responsibility for the past and understanding of the forms of development of life’s environment,

3) The Latvian culture and cultural environment,

4) Environment as a key element of the city.

During the summer school there will be lectures, workshops, discussions, tours, meetings with professionals of special scopes and well spent time.

In the summer school will be students from such countries as Italy, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Slovakia, Georgia, Slovenia, Belgium and Azerbaijan.

Turiba University realizes this project  through the State Education Development Agency’s (SEDA) granted state scholarships.