News>The work on a new collective monograph "Organization Security" is continuing

The work on a new collective monograph "Organization Security" is continuing (0)

At the end of November of this year, Ivita Kisnica- the vice-dean of the Faculty of Law, Ingrida Veiksa- the head of the department of the Law Science and Vilnis Veinbergs- the director of the study program "Organization Security" within the framework of cooperation project with Nordplus"Society and Organization Security Program Development" visited the University of Laurea in Helsinki. 

In this project, where 3 universities collaborate - Turiba University (Latvia), Kazimiera Simonavičius University (Lithuania) and Laurea University (Finland) - are evaluated and improved security programs, exchanging experience and will be developed a collective monograph that will serve as a new and useful educational material for students from various security programs and also for industry professionals- 
"Exactly this kind of meetings are very valuable and productive, because it allows to get acquainted with the organization of work of other universities, find new ideas and discuss specific problems in the process of preparing the book. During the meeting we discussed exactly what kind of book will be most useful for students and will be most accurately to the study programs implemented by all three universities. In each country, however, the geopolitical situation is quite similar, the view on things and priorities varies, including on security related issues. Consequently, finding a balance in interests of all about sensitive issues is an important process in the process of education and getting educated, "says Ivita Kisnica, the academic head of the project.

The meeting was also attended by expert Vilho Westlund who gave public lecture "Psysical and Supply Chain Security".  The expert in the lecture pointed out to a number of interesting facts, for example - according to statistics the most thefts in the world are from containers and lorries carrying food. Also one of the biggest threats in organizing thefts in companies is related directly to quality managers (controllers) involved and organizing such crimes, especially as regards branded products entering the black market. This fact only proves that business and security issues go hand in hand and the introduction of various security solutions in companies (and outside of them)  can not be underestimated in any sphere. Often the most threatening one can be precisely those individuals and employees who are the least suspected to fall.

The project is being implemented with Nordplus Higher Education Program co-financing. Project No.NPHE-2017/10115.

Project Academic managers:

Ivita Kīsnica- pro dean of the Faculty of Law at Turiba University.

Vilnis Veinbergs- the director of the study program "Organization Security" at Turiba University.