News>This Week a Lecture Course „East Asian Business” by the Guest Professor Low Siew Thiam Is Held in Turiba

This Week a Lecture Course „East Asian Business” by the Guest Professor Low Siew Thiam Is Held in Turiba (0)

From 20 October till 24 October in Turiba University there is a lecture course „East Asian Business”, which is led by the guest professor from Singapore - Low Siew Thiam.

Five evenings from 18.15 p.m. till 21.20 p.m. university students inquire nuances of East Asian business, philosophy and practice by enabling understanding about differences in Western and Eastern management methods and cultures. „The task of the lecture course is to view these two business management cultures in open way, how and what we can learn from each other. Success of each country is how one can be open to diversity and pick the most appropriate things, similarly, how it is in Singapore,” comments Low Siew Thiam.

The course is organized in two parts – theoretical and practical part. After the theoretical part students will work in working groups and analyse, how, for example, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia differ from China and the Western model, thus finding understanding of great amount of models in the world and how they depend on the national culture and traditional values of the country. „Here we do not speak about one global model in each country; it differs in each country because cultures are different. In the common discussions Latvia will appear quite different from Uzbekistan and vice versa,” says the guest lecturer.

As noted by Low Siew Thiam, also creativity and innovations by analysing business experience of East Asia will be viewed in depth.

The lecture course is conducted in English and is free of charge. After hearing of the course students will receive certificate for acquiring the lecture course. According to representatives of the faculty, due to limited space it was not possible to accommodate all who wanted to take part at the lecture course.

Low Siew Thiam works as business consultant in Singapore, he has specialized in providing strategic development advice and management training for companies. He is a member of the board of his family business Homestead Pte Ltd and holds positions in the boards of other companies, including the company owned by the Swiss Baur Asia Pte Ltd, which operates in the whole Southeast Asia as the member of the board. As a business trainer he has been working in the prestige higher education institutions, for example, The Business School for the World, ESSEC Business School, University of Bradford, Asian Institute of Technology. Currently he does not lecture, therefore, this is more exclusive opportunity for Turiba students to be acquainted with business management nuances by Low Siew Thiam.