News>This week Turiba launches Nordplus intensive course “Organisation and Individual Security”

This week Turiba launches Nordplus intensive course “Organisation and Individual Security” (0)

From 30 July till 10 August, Turiba will host the NORDPLUS intensive course on organisational and personal security. The international course is being taught for the second time in Latvia, helping students in three countries find out more about aspects of security and acquire practical skills.

The course is being organised by Turiba University (Latvia) in cooperation with the Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Lithuania) and the University of Turku (Finland). This year, students from another Lithuanian school – the Mykola Romeris University – will also be taking the course. It gathers 28 students of SECURITY, LAW, as well as various management and administration programmes.

These days, matters of security are becoming increasingly relevant to the Baltics and Scandinavia. We are facing new challenges involving migration, conflict rooted in cultural and religious differences, cyber attacks, and other threats to our security. It is therefore paramount that educational institutions prepare capable, knowledgeable experts at security who can face the challenges and combat these new threats.

“The notion of security and security itself are taking an ever greater role in the life of the individual. In the past few years, individuals themselves and organisations in general have been paying great attention not only to physically safeguarding themselves (and their valuable assets), but also to protecting their data and their intangible, intellectual values. Therefore, learning about security in the broadest sense of the word is becoming more crucial day by day – it is going beyond physical protection, video surveillance, and bodyguard work, to encompass a multitude of other nuances, including major aspects of psychology, risk assessment, and threat prevention. Security has long become something that extends beyond state borders: it has become an international vision of global unity,” Explains Ivita Kīsnica, Turiba University Faculty of Law Vicedean and academic manager of the project.

“Human psychology makes it so that we need a secure environment if we are to progress as individuals and as a society,” adds Vilnis Veinbergs, Turiba University “Organisational Security” programme director and initiator of the Nordplus Intensive Course.

The course covers topics such as security theory, individual and organisational security, historical aspects of security, leadership, risk management, combatting corruption, detective activities, and others. During lectures and practical sessions, students improve their knowledge and skills in various aspects of security.

Academic manager of the project: 
Faculty of Law Vicedean
Ivita Kīsnica

Turiba University Security Programme director
Vilnis Veinbergs

The project is being implemented with support from the NORDPLUS higher education programme. Project No. NPHE-2018/10238.