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Tournament of the Latvian table game KENOSS (0)

Latvians have invented a new table game - KENOSS.  This game is made of two very popular games - curling and novus. This game develops spatial and strategical thinking, also it is a good way to spend your free time. Kenoss is already taking over the world, sets of this game are already shipped to the United Kingdom and Germany.

A set of game is already available for Turiba students, but there is need to inform the students with rules of this game and how to play it. So there is going to be a KENOSS tournament to introduce the students with this amazing and exciting game!

Tournament will be held on 4th November at 5 pm in Turiba Hostel game room. We will acquire technique of the game and will find out who is the best at this game.

We will be waiting for all who are interested!

Tournament support: Cinema CINAMON, Street Burger, Isostar