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Triumph over sesion! (1)

Sleepless nights? Headaches? Fear? Already writing your essays with a spoon while your pen sits in your coffee mug? Session is coming fast!

That is why Turiba University Student Council has made it possible for you to have some quality entertainment, while getting the last rest before session. On the 23rd of March everyone will have a chance to join the big game, which is going to be held in entertainment center Fantasy Park from 20:00 until midnight.

During Games of the session you will be able to participate in various activities, both individual and for teams. You will also have a chance to dance in rhythms of session, provided by DJ Nils Ketners.

Wristbands needed for the event will be available from 20th of March in our Student Council (room C218) from 12:00 to 18:00. Remember that the number of tickets is limited!  

Let us know if you will participate:

Apply submit your team’s aplication for the bowling tournament HERE and maybe you will be the ones to get prizes in one of the nominations!

If you are planning to go to the event by public transport from the center you can use trolleybus nr.19 (your stop „Mūkusalas rotācijas aplis”) or trolleybus nr.27 (your stop „Laivu iela” or „Bieķeņsalas iela”), but if you are going from Turiba it will be trolleybus nr.27 (your stop „Laivu iela” or „Bieķeņsalas iela”).

Games of the session are sponsored by: Discomania, Cinamon, BTA insurance company, RedBull, Blue Shock Race, driving school Eksperts, Smuklietas, Adrenalin Tan, golf club Viesturi, Sports Club Panatta, WoodKoozie, Camel Park ZOO Rakši, Dirty Deal Teatro, 6 minūtes 365 dienas (6 minutes 365 days).