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Turiba basketball team started playoffs (0)

The regular season of the second division Latvian basketball league (LBL2) has just finished with BK „Biznesa augstskola Turība” completing the regular season in the third place in the standings just behind team Jelgava and Gulbene after a brilliant series of eight consecutive wins.

The best games of the season, it is worth mentioning are just ahead. Turiba basketball players travelled to Rezekne on 23rd March to start their series of playoffs. BK „Biznesa augstskola Turība” playoff or 1/8 finals games are against Ezerzeme/Rēzekne team who finished their regular season in second place in the other group of weaker teams. It is interesting that the tallest player of the LBL2 this season, who is 220cms tall plays for the Rezekne team. Their first game Turiba basketball team won by 10 points, but there is one more important home game against Rezekne ahead, because wins a team that will be better in the sum of two games.

Players have developed an excellent team chemistry over the season which is especially important during the playoff games, where often victory does not depend upon the class of the players but on their fighting spirit and desire to win!

It is difficult to forecast or name a few favourites for the champion’s title before the playoffs. The majority of teams are competitive enough in the fight for medals and Turiba University basketball players are ready to fight for each centimetre of the pitch in each and every game to achieve their long awaited laurels.

The team that wins in the first round of playoffs will play in the quarter finals and then the semi-finals and the most successful and strongest teams will fight for the champion’s title.

The next home game will be at the Turiba University basketball hall on 27th March at 17.00. We are looking forward to your support! See you on Wednesday 27th March at 17.00.  

 All 1/8 final games:

„Gulbenes buki” – Rīdzene/Sportapunkts

„Jelgava/LLU” – RTU

BA BK „Turība” – Rēzekne/Ezerzeme

RSU – „Līvānu stikls”

„Kandava/Compor” – „Valmiera GLASS/VIA”

„Ķekava” – „Bauska/ SC Mēmele”

„Ventspils augstskola” – „LU/BS Rīga”

„OC Limbaži” – BK Saldus