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Turiba holds International Scientific conference “Human values in the digital age” (0)

On April 26, the XX International Scientific Conference "Human Values in the Digital Age" will be held at Turiba University with the participation of experts from Great Britain, China, Latvia and other countries. The conference is organized with the aim of analysing the major challenges that different sectors will face as the level of digitization increases and what the most valuable benefits will be.

A study by the European Commission shows that Latvia has achieved a high level of digitization of public services, but the challenge for the future is to improve the digital skills of the population, which currently is at the average level. Moreover, the role of the human factor, humanitarian values and creativity in the development and application of technologies is also a challenge

The plenary session of the conference will focus on two sectors - tourism and education. George Ubbelohde, Dean of Zhejiang Yuexiu Foreign Language Institute of China, will speak about the role of education in the digital age and the challenges it poses for educators. “The future will be full of tremendous opportunities, but it also brings enormous uncertainty. The first wave of digital education focused on creating, sharing and accessing digital content, including online courses, digital libraries, games and apps. Despite the initial efforts to digitize education, we are still facing problems - lack of skills, the need for innovation and also the lack of human resources, "emphasizes J. Ubelode. Possible solutions to improve the skills of digitalisation solution makers and users will be discussed in more detail at the conference. Neil Brewis, a lecturer from the Solent University (UK), will speak about the use of augmented, virtual and mixed reality in the tourism sector.

There will be several parallel scientific sections devoted to specific topics - experts in the tourism section will search for answers on how to link tourism and innovation, how to promote tourism as a driving force for regional development, as well as to ensure the protection of special interest groups as tourism intensity increases. The section dedicated to education will discuss the 21st century skills and the new role of universities in the digital era. The business section will look for resources and indicators for a sustainable economy based on innovative business models and platforms. On the other hand, the legal section will address topical issues of strengthening governance and the rule of law competence for security in organizations and the application of laws in the functioning of institutions.

For further information on the conference and registration refer to the Turiba homepage.