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Turiba issues its third scientific article periodical and collective monograph (0)

Two most recent publications issued at Turiba University focussing on improving and developing the business environment and compiling scientific articles written by the university tutors and results of the research surveys performed by the students.


Acta Prosperitatis No 3

The third issue of the Turiba University scientific article periodical Acta Prosperitatis has been released to encourage academic and applied research in University and facilitate the promotion of the research results by attracting the tutors, doctoral candidates and prominent industry professionals and experts from Latvia and abroad as authors and editors.

The third issue of Acta Prosperitatis was prepared at the University Faculty of Business Administration and its board of editors is made up of international members from countries across the European Union.

The collection of scientific articles comprises the research results by both faculty staff and lecturers abroad, and the students, as well as analysis of specific research outcomes. In the articles by such lecturers as Mag.oec. and associate professor Ieva Bruksle, Dr.oec. and associate professor Anna Ābeltiņa and Dr.oec. and associate professor Vita Zariņa, among others, several recommendations for boosting of competitiveness and innovative solutions in Latvia are provided.




Collective Monograph on Business Environment and Areas for Development

For the first time in the University history a collective monograph on the business environment has seen the daylight. The title of the research collection by the team of authors is ‘Business Environment and Areas for Development’. Each of the authors tried to seek for answers to key issues affecting the business environment and for the possible solutions for its improvement.

According to the Dean of the Business Administration Faculty and associate professor Vita Zariņa, ‘Sustainability of a business in the long term depends on its capacity to rationalise its assets and to make profit in consideration of the external factors. Any performance assessment of a business should take into account the correlations present in the cyclical development of an enterprise. A system of performance assessment may significantly affect and come to the aid of small and medium-size enterprises, as identifying the current situation is a precondition for implementing the necessary changes for further elaboration and improvement of their process for value creation. Efficiency should be manifest in all business processes of an enterprise, and the overall performance assessment should be based on criteria relating to a specific area of the enterprise activities and a specific production technology, and should include not only the processing activity, but also the organisation and management of an enterprise. Regardless of any scientific research carried out in the area of performance assessment for small and medium-size enterprises, all the challenges are still far from being resolved.’

According to V. Zariņa, this monograph discusses a broad spectrum of the existing challenges for the business environment and the possible long- or shorter term solutions are offered.


The third issue of Acta Prosperitatis and the collective monograph were presented on February 27th, and both publications are available at the Turiba library and in book-shops.