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Turiba Mentors Association has been established: Entrepreneurs undertake to keep promises (0)

The Mentor Association was revealed last week, one of its members- Ivars Godmanis at the opening event emphasized that one of the characteristics that is important for any entrepreneur is the ability to keep their promises. Other members of the association joined to his statement, committing to keep promises and support those young entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in business.

Together with more than 30 experienced entrepreneurs from different industries, he agreed to become a mentor, providing support and advice to those students and young people who have already taken or are planning to take the first steps in business.

Zane Drinke, the author of the idea of the association, the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration of Turiba University, at the opening of the event said:” Money is not always the most important investment, often advice, support, sharing of experience that makes it possible to avoid mistakes, are much more important. And in such cases there is no way without mentors. When new and emerging entrepreneurs will  need some advice in their business start-ups, the members of the association will be able to provide that. Every entrepreneur wants to make money, but we can not only make our own, but teach others to do it. "

Ivars Godmanis emphasized that: "no theory will be able to provide the values and knowledge that can be provided by a real example and a story of experience gained through the business environment. Looking at both new and experienced entrepreneurs in our country it is clear that the entrepreneur's spirit in Latvia cannot be killed".

On 18th October in the premises of business incubator of Turiba University was hosted the presentation of the association, which brought together its members: entrepreneurs Viesturs Bulans, Ivars Godmanis, Enno Encis, Andris Vanags, Visvaldis Troksa, Marika Gederte, Normunds Kozlovskis, Uldis Klapers and many others.

During the event it was possible to get acquainted not only with the aims, vision, ideas and plans of the association, but also to learn more about the "strengths" of each mentor. During the event it was also possible to get acquainted with the  program “Mentorklase”, which has been in operation for the past two years and is aimed at those who already have a business, but are looking for a professional and experienced mentor on specific issues in order to develop, improve or expand their business.