News>Turiba Signs Cooperation Memorandum on the Establishment of the International Cooperation Platform "DEMOLA LATVIA" and its Development in Latvia

Turiba Signs Cooperation Memorandum on the Establishment of the International Cooperation Platform "DEMOLA LATVIA" and its Development in Latvia (0)

In the framework of the international cooperation platform DEMOLA LATVIA companies of various fields could create innovative products and services, at the same time gaining priceless experience and cooperation opportunities.

The international platform of innovation promotion DEMOLA LATVIA will help students better to understand their chosen profession and to learn acting in multidisciplinary teams, for universities – to identify the real market demand, whereas for companies – to gain a new perspective on their services and products, as well as to assess students’ skills in order to have employees which are rich of new ideas and talented employees.

At the moment cooperation partners of DEMOLA LATVIA are Latvian Information Technology Cluster, Association of Mechanic Engineering and Metalworking Industries of Latvia, Latvian Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association, Transport and Telecommunication Institute, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Ventspils University College, Latvian Arts Academy, Riga Business School, Riga Stradiņš University, BA School of Business and Finance, Liepaja University, Turiba University, Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators, association “Go Beyond”, though also other organizations are invited to join the platform in order to promote the development of more varied platform initiatives.

In the website of DEMOLA LATVIA in the next two weeks the problematic issues of companies and other organizations will be published to which applications of students will be expected till 2nd of March. Providers of the platform will assess applications of students by attracting experts and choose the most appropriate application for establishing multidisciplinary teams. While in 11th of March opening meeting of the spring semester or kick-off will be held. In the next 4 months teams of students will work on the development of solutions in order to present them for the authors of problematic issues at the end of semester.

DEMOLA LATVIA was opened on 31st of January, in Riga, Spikeri Quarter, Maskavas Street 10.

The opening video is available here.

Photos of the opening event are available here.

More information on activities of DEMOLA LATVIA is available in or contacting by e-mail:

DEMOLANETWORK innovation platform was established in Finland in 2008. At the moment DEMOLA initiative works in the Finnish towns Tampere and Oulu, capital of Lithuania Vilnius, capital of Hungary Budapest, in the Southeast  region of Sweden Malmö, in the East region of Sweden Norrköping, Slovenian town Maribor. Yet several hundred companies are involved in the program, more than thousand students joined the program. DEMOLA LATVIA will be administrated by Latvian IT cluster.