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Turiba University gets a new look (4)

There was an active work on the facade of the new look of Turiba University this summer. At the beginning of year students and employees jointly decided how the future facade of Turiba University will look like. From the five proposed options was chosen option - the Northern Lights, which iconcept perfectly meets the university's vision, goals and ideas. The author of the new look of facade is designer Aija Raiba. As the new study year is coming the work on the facade of the complex is completed and the university waits its students, employees and guests in the new form.

When creating the new look of facade, as a whole was painted 9000 square meters and colorful walls of the buildings contain more than 90 different color tones.

Aigars Rostovskis- the chairman of the development council of the Turiba University says: “Fom the very beginning in Turiba we have realized how essential is a landscaped environment and arranged infrastructure – we still keep in mind that and keep working on it, so that students cand be in premises which are comfortable and pleasant for them and so there would be all necessary for studies and it would be pleasant to be and spend time at the university’s area.”

Uniqueness, energy, light, color and success

Selected appearance of the university – Northern Lights - is characterized by a number of key elements: uniqueness, energy, light, color and success. Northern Lights is a unique natural phenomenon – itis never the same, each time impressing by its beauty. Northern lights can be seen most often in the spring and fall, but much less frequently - in winter and summer.

Energy that inspires

Northern lights also bounds with a huge energy - the amount of energy that discharges during the Northern lights is equivalent to 5.5 strong earthquake. Also the university is place where a huge amount of energy concentrates - people who aspire to obtain knowledge and improve themselves, intensive discussions in lectures and conferences, youth enthusiasm in other activities and elsewhere. Energy inspires - inspires to learn, to improve themselves, to develop knowledge and career, also Northern lights inspires and its energy strengthens!

The ability to see uncommon

Northern lights is the light – the mother of the gleam is the Sun, it is formed when charged particles in a magnetic field penetrates into the ground at high speed with solar winds. The light occurs when the particles encounter the Earth's magnetic field atoms. Northern lights is the opportunity to see something what we daily cannot see. Also, the knowledge we get is our chance to see something to which we would pass by daily,  to find solutions to seemingly complex problems and implement our ideas, in whatever area they were.

Wealth that accompany wherever we are

Northern lights also means the color of wealth - observing it from Earth it appears in a variety of colors which layout quickly changes. You can watch a lot of different fast scrolling bars, curtains, etc. Wherever we would be on the Earth the Northern lights will always surprise us and will discover the unprecedented. Wherever we would be on the Earth also the knowledge will always discover something new, interesting and exciting.

Wishing success to any student and graduate

In many nations and traditions the Northern lights is also a symbol of success - not everyone has the fortune to see it, so that is why people who have seen it are regarded as particularly successful. Turiba University wants that all  students and graduates are successful in their lives and careers, so the Northern lights that decorate the facade of the building is also a small wish of success so all expectations and ideas come true!