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Turiba University offers a new professional bachelor study program “Computer Systems” (0)

Gartner, the world's leading IT research and consulting firm, predicts that the development of artificial intelligence solutions in 2020 will be one of the five global priorities where large investments will be made. Varied artificial intelligence solutions, ranging from machine learning to in-depth training using artificial neural networks, will be required in various industries.

The pace of change in the modern era of technology has a negative impact on the employability of company employees especially in computer science. Already, and especially in the future, every employee will have to continuously improve their qualifications and learn new skills to “stay in the game”. To be successful, one must be able to apply scientific research tools by experimenting with and looking for the most optimal, innovative solutions for new professions. For example, in the next decade there will be a demand for new professions such as surplus data managers, expanded reality architects, digital currency bankers, robot co-designers, printed organ architects, and others.

In order to promote Latvia's competitiveness, the School of Business Administration Turība offers a new professional bachelor study program "Computer Systems", which will train new generation engineers, starting from the product's design, design, implementation, testing to product exploitation in accordance with the programming profession standard. The new study program will provide knowledge in computer system architecture, program engineering, system analysis, basic database technology and artificial intelligence. Students will be prepared to carry out scientific research based on conducting experiments, modeling and simulation.

"Our approach to the new study program is labor-oriented and dynamic training. In the selection part of vocational courses we will continue to include new and for labor market actual study courses. In addition, we will ensure the acquisition of these courses directly in companies of these sectors,  and also study, practice and research opportunities will be available abroad. In principle, we will prepare students for an automated world that can adapt to the dynamic and innovative IT world challenges. We predict that both foreign and local students will be interested, "says the Vice-rector of Turiba in the scientific and academic work, director of the study program" Computer Systems ", director of the Business Technology Institute and researcher Ivars Namatēvs.

Professional bachelor study program "Computer Systems" will be taught in English.  It will be possible to apply for this program in this August, but the studies will start in February 2019. The content of the studies is designed in such a way that the student is able to successfully work in the specific sector and earn a profit while studying.  The studies will be organized so that one third of study process will be lectures and two thirds- practical classes.  Also Latvian language training opportunities will be offered  for foreign students.