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Turiba University signs the Agreement with AIESEC (0)

On 19 March Turiba University signed the agreement with the world’s largest youth-led organization AIESEC.

AIESEC representation is acting in 124 countries, there are 100 000 members in the organization and it is supported by 8000 partners. Chairman of the Board of Latvian representation Elif Dilan Ayaz says: “In Latvia AIESEC is active for 19 years with representations in Riga, Valmiera and Ventspils. Representation established by Turiba will be already the fourth in Latvia. We have chosen exactly Turiba, because its students are very responsive, open and they are willing actively participate in international projects.”

Deputy Chairman in business development issues of AIESEC Latvian representation Mykhailo Kaliuznyi informed that “in the near future AIESEC Turiba department will begin to recruit members and start selection of participants for summer exchange programs.”

The main activity of AIESEC is international internship program. The aim of this program is exchange of experience among different countries. Young people are going to other countries to work at the companies, non-governmental organizations and schools. This program enables students to organize various socially important projects, helps companies to develop and to improve their employees.

AEISEC representation in Turiba will be led by Turiba student Zane Kalniņa, who told the following: “Representation Board has already been established, in which also Gunita Ākule, Raivis Lindišs, Reinis Mellis and Shoksanam Rassulmetova will be acting. Each of us is responsible for a particular activity. Already soon admission of members will start, therefore, we are very glad that now there is an active interest to the program. To my mind, this cooperation is very valuable, because AIESEC offers an opportunity for students to get the paid internship abroad, and experience in voluntary work – in health, environment, social work and marketing sector.”

One more important activity of the organization is conference organization. AIESEC organizes conferences for AIESEC members and for all students, who are interested in the subject of the particular event. Conferences are focused on global problems and current events, as well as on developing entrepreneurship among young people.

In Latvia AIESEC has organized and continues to organize such conferences as Lotus, Youth to Business Forum and Social Entrepreneurship 2014. During conferences visitors can meet representatives of business environment and gain more knowledge on particular topic.