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Turiba University will cooperate with Stanford University (USA) (0)

A global vision and cooperation with recognized universities at international level is a necessity for a modern university. The offer of higher education institutions in Latvia is marked by more and more international aspects and study programs in English become our daily routine.

In order to promote international links in higher education Turiba University has begun to work with two United States universities - Stanford University and Williams College.

"Working with these two US universities is a way for us to learn their experience over a long period of time, which will be successful in our development in an international context. We already work with more than 120 partner universities all over the world and here, in Turiba, live and study around 800 international students. The offer from Turiba University is interesting to students from India, Uzbekistan, Georgia, but this year we see more students’ interest from Sri Lanka, Ukraine and Russia, "said Imants Bergs, the vice rector of study development and international co-operation, the Chairman of the Board of the Higher Education Export Association.

Students from Stanford and William College were pleasantly surprised about acces to business in almost every study program at Turiba University and the fact that students are given the opportunity to form their own businesses and actively participate in the Turiba Business HUB or Business Incubator, which provides valuable experience and offers a modernly equipped work environment for both prospective and existing entrepreneurs.