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Turkish-Latvian culture night on February 25 (0)

NGO Cultural Fount, restaurant network TurKebab and TurKafe invite you to the Turkish - Latvian culture night. You will have a chance to meet Turkish people who are living in Riga, Latvians who are living in Turkey, Turkish Erasmus students and also those who put the equality sign between LOVE and TURKEY.

We are waiting for you! Come and join!

Date: 25 February, 2015
Time: 7 PM
Venue: TurKebab, Valnu street 26, Riga

The event will be held in English and an entrance is free.


Our special guests:

  • Dramatists Sandija Kalniņa and Edgars Niklasons – in cooperation with Turkish actors in Istanbul they have produced the first Latvian-Turkish play.
  • Osman Uresin – the chairman of restaurant network TurKebab. Lives in Riga, married with a Latvian lady, has a daughter Leila.
  • Can Bolukemini – the head of TurKafe. Lives in Riga, married with a Latvian lady, has a son Axel.


What are we going to discuss about?

By developing political, economical, cultural and educational relationships between Latvia and Turkey, Latvian and Turkish interaction increase. Turkey fascinates by its richness of culture and history. It is a country which makes you fall in love with it and visit it again and again. This is why Turkey has become one of the most popular tourism destination among Latvians. In its turn Turks has visited Latvia in all the featured European mobility programmes. Turkey is home for tens of Latvians; Latvia - home for tens of Turks. Over the years the number of Latvian -Turkish families has grown, more and more Latvians move to Turkey and also many Turks choose Latvia as their country of residence. Over the course of an evening we will try to find answers on the most actual questions: What are those things which attracts Turks here and Latvians in Turkey? How do people integrate in a new place and what are hardships they faced with? What are differences between Latvian and Turkish culture and how do we develop a dialog between us? What can we learn from each other?


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