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Twenty students participated in Kenos tournament (0)

Last week on November 5th in Turiba Hostel game room KENOS tournament was taking place. Probably for some students word “KENOS” is strange and they do not know what it is. That was the aim of this event - to introduce other with this game and how it is played. Kenos is invented by Latvians. It is a mix of two very popular games - curling and novus.

There was patriotic atmosphere during the whole tournament. Students were invited to make the bracelets in Latvian flag colors for themselves while watching other students competing with each other.

Twenty students, who live in Turiba hostel, participated in this event and during two and half hours not only learnt how to play Kenos, but also found out who is the best at it. And the winner was team “Bračkas”.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Many thanks to sponsors - Kino CINAMON, Street Burger, Isostar and Redbull.