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Use the Special Photo Booth in Turiba Campus! (0)

In Turiba Campus now it is possible to use the innovative Photo Booth to take a great photo together with your course mates, colleagues or acquaintances!

Since July of this year for students’ and visitors’ comfort and pleasure the Photo Booth has been installed in Turiba Campus, thus giving an opportunity to take the best group or individual photo on Turiba background. Anyone can get acquainted with its features and use the opportunities completely free of charge! Everyone can find the Photo Booth in Turiba Campus between the main car park and entrance C.

In order to make the Photo Booth available for everyone, it is possible to use the usual cameras, professional single-lens-reflex (SLR) cameras, and smart phones.

The use of the Photo Booth is very simple and three main user steps are as follows:
1) place the camera as shown in the operating manual placed in the Photo Booth;
2) set the required settings, timer for group or self-portrait photos;
3) stand against the Photo Booth and smile!

The project is developed during the courses of Tourism management, and authors of it are students of the International tourism faculty Egija Reča and Tatjana Krivdenko. The first prototype of the Photo Booth has been implemented thanks to Turiba support.

Use this opportunity! Visit it together with your friends, acquaintances or alone to get an interesting photo on Turiba background both in every-day life, and in an important event, for example, your or your friends’ graduation, student initiations or the day of diploma paper defence!