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Years most spectacular event - Christmas ball (1)

The most anticipated and spectacular event of the year - Christmas ball is coming and this year it will be on 11th December from 20.00 (8PM) to 4.00 (4AM) held at the Riga Latvian Society house (Rīgas Latviešu Biedrības nams - Merķeļa street 13).

The event will be opened with the FINALE of the contest King and Queen of Turiba ‘15, during which everyone will be able to get acquainted with the tasks, that the finalists had to do, see the final run - unique dance performances, hear the judges scores, as well as give your vote to the “Audience favorite” nomination.

Groups "Tonick" and "Without Borders" will be taking care of the musical aspect of the ball. To make this event even more memorable, you will have the chance to make your own gingerbread cookie at the - gingerbread cookie workshop. Also a photo-corner will be working, where you will be able to capture the emotions and happiness with your friends or course-mates.

During the event the competition’s the Most magnificent dorm room winners will be announced. As well as don’t miss your chance to participate in different competitions, where you could win valuable prizes. And of course, the new BAT cheerleader team will entertain us with their first performance in their new lineup.

NB! We urge all of the events guests to follow the Dress-code: BLACK TIE, to create a very special festive atmosphere.

Gentlemen - dark suits or tuxedos, Ladies - full length gowns or knee-length cocktail dresses - no shorter than that!

You can get your free of charge invitation for the Christmas ball at the Student council office - @C218, by showing your ISIC card or a statement from SIC (Study information center).

For the ball to be even more fun and enjoyable bring along your friends. A ticket for a friend costs -  5 EUR. You can also reserve a table- for more information talk to the BAT Students’ council’s office administrator.

Ticket withdrawal times Monday - Thursday from  12:00 (12PM) to  18:00 (6PM)!

Hurry up to finish your last exams and tests, so you can elegantly conclude this year at the Christmas ball.

The event is supported by: Silmachy Remedies,, BUG wooden bow-ties, Adi Hai knitwear, Coffee Inn, Fantasy Park, SIA Jena Motors, Lickstarter, dance studio Padejosim, Mevi Gym, Pineapple Studios