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You are Invited to Watch the Film “Grandfather who is More Dangerous than a Computer” (0)

The public holidays are approaching, and it is time to remind of the Latvian values – patriotism, family values and mutual respect, therefore on 14 November at 7:00 p.m. Turība University invites you to watch together the film “Grandfather who is More Dangerous than a Computer” and to meet the actors of the film – Martins Vilsons, Martins Meiers and director Varis Brasla in relation to whom there is decision made to award him this year the prize “Lielais Kristaps” for his lifetime contribution to film art.

*The event will be in Latvian, but the movie will be screened with English subtitles.

The film of director Varis Brasla was released in 2017. It was about the summer holidays of eight years old boy Oskars at a farm-stead. The holidays started as an ongoing fight against the grandfather, but turn into the friendship of both men that can save grandmother from her pupil’s planned venture.

Before the film anyone from audience will have an opportunity to meet the actors who had performed roles in the film, as well as with the director of the film Varis Brasla – they will share with their memories and events that took place during the shooting of the film, as well as they will share their views about the Latvian values. Anyone from the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions both director, Valmiera Drama Theatre actor Martins Meiers who was Modritis in the film, and actor and theatre director Martins Vilsons who was grandfather Paulis Kode.

In the film, Oskars’ parents for their son “exchange” the computer to the grandfather – in order to protect the child from the dangerous influence of Internet. Oskars’ visit at the grandfather’s home at the beginning is hopeless - old Kode makes him do men’s works; besides, he does not buy for the boy the sneakers he has longed for. The grandson does not need such grandfather; therefore everybody gets to know that Paulis Kode, an active fighter during the Awakening period (Martins Vilsons) is "dead"! The role of the mediator between both men assumes the grandmother - Irma Kode (Akvelina Livmane), who has lost her teacher’s job, because the town has “ran out of” the children, but Modritis, a deputy and grandmother’s former pupil, has knowingly sold the school. In order to complete his shady transaction, he offers to the teacher a very tempting work. Then Oskars’ adventures start with teaching his grandmother rapping, a death threat at hospital and pouring Olga’s French perfume on he-goat’s leather. The joint combat of grandfather and grandson against the grandmother’s offender makes to forget disputes, and the guilty guy is punished by both defenders, but immediately the representatives of law enforcement bodies come forth, and Paulis Kode can expect problems, because he has not showed respect towards the cunning representative of authorities. Oskars is ready to save his grandfather… The grandson’s holidays at his grandfather’s home finish unexpectedly – it turns out that life without lie can be pleasure!  

The film is envisaged for families; therefore we invite also parents with children. The attendance of the event is free of charge, and there is no need to register in advance. The film and meeting actors – on 14 November at 7:00 p.m. at the Business incubator of Turība University.