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About Riga

Riga is the capital of Latvia, the population of Riga greatly excess one third of total population of Latvia – 641 423 inhabitants, but in agglomeration of Riga live – 0.94 millions of people. Riga is known as the main industrial, business, culture, sport and finance center in the Baltic states – modern metrapolis which can be proud of its ancient history, unique architecture, high quality culture activities and exciting entertainment possibilities.

Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states and the third largest city in the Baltic Sea region (behind St. Petersburg and Stockholm).


Architecture of Riga is very beautiful and diverse. One can enjoy 800 years old Gothic style church, which is built by the founders of Riga. Also one can see medieval old town and exclusive Art Noveau building complex – as extensive as anywhere else in the region. Definitely Riga can be considered as a jewel of architecture. In fact, Riga is called in the world as the capital of Art Noveau. Riga is included in UNESCO World Heritage List. 100 years ago Riga was known as ‘Paris of the North’. Riga is the ancient Hanseatic League member, famous for its rich Art Noveau architecture. Riga is the largest city in the Baltic states and it is included in UNESCO World heritage List. In 2001 the city become 800 years old and in 2014 it will be the European capital of culture.

Cultural life

Riga offers ample cultural opportunities, as well. Perhaps the best aspect of Riga’s cultural life is that world-class performances are very affordable. Locals hold the opera and theatre in the highest esteem and make it a point to attend often.

Easy to get
It is possible to get to Riga in three hours from any European capital.  The national airline company AirBaltic and various international airline companies  offer flights from Riga to the largest European cities and not only. Riga airport is located seven kilometers from the city. You can get to the city center by taxi (15 min.) or by bus No. 22 (25 min.).

Time of the flight from/to  Riga
Tallin 55 min
- Vilnius 55 min
- Moscow 1 h 40 min
- Stokcholm 1 h 20 min
- Frankfurt 2 h 15 min
- London 2 h 50 min
- Rome 3 h
- Berlin 1 h 30 min
- Minsk 1 h 15 min
- Munich 2 h 15 min
- Paris 2 h 40 min
- Barcelona 3 h 15 min
- Amsterdam 2 h 15 min