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Business Research

The daily business of the teaching personnel is not only lecturing or holding of workshops and providing consultations to students. An important part of the work of the tutors at Turiba University is to improve their academic competencies by publishing research papers, working with the employers and getting involved in work groups organised with the purpose of investigating a specific issue of concern, to facilitate the integration of innovations into business and to take care of the economic upturn in the country. Applied research developed in partnership with the industry experts and students would be useful for every employer following the sectoral trends and planning the future development of the enterprise. The research is performed in four areas of scientific activity. A major part of the research projects are carried out in the area of business administration, as well as in the priority area to the Latvian state — the tourism business.

The Faculty of Business Administration in partnership with the Business Technology Institute performs applied research on topics of key importance to the development of business environment in Latvia and to the enhancement of enterprise efficiency:

  • Development opportunities for SMEs in a changing economic environment;
  • Management activity of the Latvian small and medium-sized enterprises, its evaluation in terms of a rise in productivity, and the changes required in the government economic policy for boosting labour efficiency;
  • Business information systems and data processing.

The tutors and researchers of the International Tourism Faculty are executing tourism research projects, including international ones, which can be assessed as a significant contribution to the growth of the Latvian tourism industry. The main research topics include the following:

  • Latvian regional tourism target markets, their needs and adequacy of the products offered to the demand;
  • Professional preparedness of the tourism service providers — required skills and competencies, their evaluation;
  • Studies on hospitality of the tourism objects;
  • Studies on location branding.

The researchers of the Institute working in the area of communications and the tutors of the Communication Faculty perform research of the mass media market in Latvia, as well as the inter-cultural communication in the area of corporate social responsibility in Latvia. Major research topics are as follows:

  • Awareness formation of the national identity after the restoration of Latvia’s independence: trends and factors;
  • Inter-cultural aspects of corporate social responsibility in Latvia;
  • Communications and perspectives at the inception of the European type of mankind;
  • Conflicts in organisations — options for analysis and resolution.

Experts in the area of law from the Business Technology Institute and the Faculty of Law are active in their area of activity in providing advice on the issues of business and constitutional rights to both enterprises and private individuals. They have participated in projects concerned with legal issues of national and transnational scope, e.g., the development of amendments to legislative acts and the provision of advice on international law issues. Some of the main research topics include:

  • Impact of Western constitutional rights culture on the formation and development of constitutional rights of the Republic of Latvia;
  • Issues for copyright protection in information society;
  • Public administration reforms;
  • Constitutional public administration reforms;
  • Development trends in sociology of rights.