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Working with the Employers

Turiba University takes care on a daily basis to improve the business environment in Latvia and to contribute to the development of the most prospective business sectors. For this purpose Turiba works together with the employers providing them with advice, training and research. Employers, students and representatives of various associations with the knowledge of the existing market trends and demands are regularly invited to engage in the Faculty Councils, work groups and discussions, thus taking part in the development of new curricula, the approval of themes for graduation papers and traineeship programmes, as well as jointly searching for the answers on how to best prepare the new specialists and on what is necessary for the improvement of the business environment.


Moderator Service for the Development of Vocation Standards and/or the Basic Requirements for Vocational Qualifications

The Faculty of Business Administration of Turiba University, in partnership with the State Education and Development Agency, is involved in the project ‘Development of Vocational Standards’. The objective of the moderators is the development of vocational standards and/or basic requirements for vocational qualifications in line with the structures for vocational qualifications of sectors designed during sectoral studies, in order to ensure high quality vocational education relevant to the needs of the market. 80 standards were developed in the course of the project. The project runs from August 2012 through to December 2013.


Organising Trainees and Trainers Visits to Innovative and Technology-Oriented Enterprises

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia in partnership with the Faculty of Business Administration of Turiba University in autumn of 2011 organised visits by the students from the secondary education establishments of Latvia (a total of 20 visits) to innovative and technology-oriented enterprises based in the regions of Latvia.

During such visits the participants were introduced to the types of support available to businesses in Latvia, in local communities, as well as with the activities of a business co-working space. The students were also introduced to the operations of an enterprise, area of activities, the micro and macro factors affecting its business, the challenges faced by the enterprise during a period of economic difficulty and its achievements. The purpose of organising such an event was to enhance the understanding of the business activities in general, to raise awareness of the secondary school students about the existence of innovative, technology-oriented enterprises in Latvia, of the principles underlying their activities, their level of technological advancement as well as of the solutions required in order to meet the challenges faced by the business.


Practical Knowledge Application by Public Relations Students

The students of Public Relations Faculty for two whole months were acting as guides at the Interactive Exposition for the Design of the Latvian Banknotes and Coins organised by the Bank of Latvia in spring of 2013.

Working together with Ints Teterovskis, the leader of the volunteer programme Riga 2014, and Inese Meiere, a representative of the Pārdaugava Executive Authority, PR students were involved in the design of the campaign for participatory society during the Staro Rīga 2012 event — a special way of light in Bieriņi nearby the Mārupīte River.

The Public Relations Faculty has been working together with the Amata District Council in organising the already eighth ‘Dynamic Thought Workshop 2012’ of all Latvian public relations, communications, advertising and marketing students and the ninth annual autumn environment cleanup.


Entrepreneurs and Security Executives Explore the Downsides of the Security Business

In order to be able to guide themselves through the security business market and to become aware of the aspects that require more attention in the assessment of offers, the Latvian Security Business Association (LDBA) in support of the Ministry of Interior launched an educational initiative in spring of 2012 for legal entities named ‘Security Academy’. Its goal is to raise awareness among the recipients of the security firm services on the quality and the problems involved in providing the service, by thus minimising the potential risks and losses.

On 12 March 2013 the Third Security Academy Workshop was held in the auditorium of Turiba University for enterprise managers and officials in charge of security discussing the current security issues.

Mag.iur. and the associate professor and tutor at the Faculty of Law of Turiba University Leonīds Makans, among others, participated as a lecturer in the Security Academy Workshop and explained what security underlying principles should be in place in any organisation in order to enable a successful and innovative functioning of an enterprise (organisation).