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International gastronomy month has finished (0)

For a whole month long, from 29th September to 21st October, Turiba University Students’ Council’s organized event International gastronomy month took place, where 4 countries were represented - France, India, Uzbekistan and Georgia. Each of these countries, once a week, introduced Turiba students, lecturers and the staff with their traditional cuisine, dances, songs and all in all created a wonderful feeling in the university.


On a sunny day next to the Building A’s entrance, this event was started by the french people, by presenting their traditional foods, which was the main course - tartiflette, salad, bread - baguette and desert - brownies. Students enjoyed their delicious food with lovely french music playing in the background.


Indians presented their country in Building C on the 3rd floor next to the Conference hall, where there was enough space so the students could enjoy the prepared foods without being bothered, which were - rice with chicken curry sauce, bread and a special dessert- kheer, as well as see Indians dressed in special attire and preforming their national dances. The atmosphere was created by cheerful Indian music, parallel to that anyone had the opportunity to get a henna tattoo.


A lot of crowding was in the Swedbank Open corner, where the Uzbek students kindly treated everyone with their delicious plov (pilaf), salads and sweet teas. Of course an integral part was the Uzbek music playing in the background, while the students enjoyed the food or read the  available information placed all around about Uzbekistan. The girls had an opportunity to braid their hair in various braids.


The International gastronomy month was finished by Georgia. In the Open corner once again students, lecturers and the staff were all gathered. As usual, everyone got to witness active Georgian dances and try their traditional foods. Whereas a very special event was a powerfully sung song in Georgian, that swept the crowd. Each and everyone of the visitors enjoyed the food and the fun atmosphere with a smile on their face.

Thank you to everyone that attended and supported our foreign students!


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